Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, No Spending.

I can do this early today since I KNOW I won't be spending anything today.
Today is my stay at home and clean till my fingers bleed day!
I got all my supplies in last nights shopping trip so the only thing left for me to get is ambition!
I feel the dog smell is ambition enough.

On a bighter note, I did manage to take another five dollars yesterday and split it amongst my savings!
Its not much, but money is tight this month, hopefully after not spending all month I will have much more to add on March 1st.

I feel I am lucky to be money concious so early on, I am to young to have aquired any kind of debt.
My biggest goal in life is to go through buying only things that I can afford! I have been reading about many of your struggles overcoming substantial amounts of debt and I am so proud that all of you are managing to do it, but you are also inspiring others to be more aware of their spending habits so that they hopefully won't end up in the same situation!

You can keep up to date with my No Spending here.
and my 2011 savings goals here.

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