Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Biggest Challenge Yet...

My love has just informed me of my biggest, most personal challenge yet. There is no way I can disagree though.. here is is:

In order for him to willingly have a child with me I must save up $5,000.
The average cost of a child in its first year is $10,000, so we are going to try and be half way there. I really want nothing more in this world than to be a mother, but I can understand his financial concerns... as most of you know, KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE. Though I almost keeled over when he gave me that number it put this into some perspective... If I cringe at the idea of saving $5,000 now, obviously I am not ready.
The biggest part of this challenge : I must not neglect saving for everything else (See Detailed List Here) .
So begins Saving for baby!

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Jane said...

It is certainly expensive to have a baby and that is why many mothers share with other their used furniture and clothing and such. Find a mother's co-operative in your area and you'll save a bundle of cash:)