Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have decided to pick up crocheting again. I am going to start with a simple yet practical small blanket..
I haven't decided if I am going to try and turn around and sell this one yet or not, I may save it for myself. After all it will be my first one ever made. We'll see.

Here's my progress thus far:


Jane said...

What a great idea! Lots of people like handmade crocheted items. My gramma used to crochet baby sets and they were so popular - baby blanket, jacket, bonnet and booties. I still have one that she made for my daughter over 20 years ago.

Jessica07 said...

Have you ever checked out

I absolutely love that site! I get all sorts of great crochet patterns from there. My ultimate favorite are some Victorian-styled fingerless gloves for typing. :)

readwatchrelax said...

just last weekend I bought some needles and yarn, finally decided this was a skill I should have. Don't know what to tackle first... :)

Aubrey Rose said...

I started a blanket,
nothing fancy, just super simple.
I will probably try other things later on.
Its taking A LOT longer than I had anticipated though.

Jessica07 said...

I once asked my grandma how long it took her to crochet an entire afghan, and she said she averaged one every three years, if she just did it in her spare time. If she committed to getting it done, she could finish it within the month.

I finished my first afghan in two weeks, but the next one took me two years. LOL!