Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally getting back in the groove.

Today I finally drummed up the strength to go back to the gym... I mean I'm paying $46.00 a month, I should go right? When I first joined I used to go all the time.. but some how life got in the way and now it just doesnt happen. Auston has informed me that he wants me to go atleast 9 times a month until my membership expires. That way im only paying $5.00 each time I go. He won't consider it such a waste of money that way I guess. I can't wait for it to expire! I am going to take that $46 dollars a month and start adding it to my savings!
I had to change some things around in my 2011 goals, I started thinking about how much money I was actually trying to save and in the end it just wasn't realistic... Maybe one day when I have a better paying job and Auston is finally on the police force, but for this year it just isn't going to happen!
My goals are still pretty steep considering my income but I think with a little hard work and dedication I can make it happen!

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Anonymous said...

Please make sure to actually cancel your membership instead of just letting it time out. Many people have been burned by having the thing auto-renew. Also even though they may have old billing information and usually in teeny weenie print on the contract, it says somewhere that you have a certain amount of days to cancel or you become responsible for the whole new term. Been there done that. Lucky for me, the new owners of my gym hadn't gotten around to having me change my contract to their new one. When they showed me their contract and I showed them mine, it wasn't on mine. They said that this was the new excepted policy at most gyms and this was a few years ago. Since I was under the old contract, they had to let me go.