Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stocking up: First trip

Excuse my not so entertaining post, but I figure I should keep you all updated!
I was on a $30.00 budget today. Small, I know!
But i did manage to stock up on a few things.
Paper Towels, and Drinks being a major thing... honestly I will probably need to go out and get some more if I want them to last through May, but I'm at a good start as far as those two things go.
I also managed to get Conditioner and body wash, both of which I am extreamly low on and now that I have back ups I will for sure be able to make it through May without buying any more!
Oh and some extra spaghetti, for the nights we just don't feel like cooking.
I had a coupon and got my oil changed at Midas the other day too... so that will not be a worry in the coming months :]
I still have many more things to purchase to be ready for May, but I also have a good two months to do it in, and I am not foolish enough to try and do it all at once.

I was pleased with todays expenses, not feeling like I wasted any money. A big bonus was having some cash left over at the end of the trip. I added that to my savings!
All in all, I would call today a success.

Things stocked up on so far:
Body Wash
Paper Towels

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1 comment:

Jane said...

Good job - a bit at a time will add up over the next two months!