Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday Miracles!

I woke up yesterday slightly annoyed, I had to fill in for a girl at the bar and I know how slow Mondays can be. The last time I filled in for her I didn't make a dollar. On top of it all Monday is th 3-midnight shift.

So I get there and it is just as I feared... dead. And it stayed dead until a little after 11:30 pm. A few people had arrived here and there beforehand to watch th Championship Basketball game (Poor Butler :( ) but it wasn't anything magnificent, if anything I was going home with maybe $30. All of a sudden one of my regulars started buying rounds, and it was as if the people in the town could smell free alcohol and fifteen other people came in between 11:30 and 12:00! All of a sudden I was on my toes, running around serving the bar, and completely ecstatic that my day hadn't been a waste! With this big of a crowd I was sure to go home with atleast $100. I called my manager to make sure it was okay for me to stay open late, because we normally close at twelve on Mondays. Thank God she approved.

The guy who was buying rounds ended up with a $160 bar tab, which he then tipped me $140!!!

One Hundred-fourty DOLLARS.

I almost died!

I ended up going home with a little more than that, With that and the money Auston made moving tile yesterday ($140) we are at a pretty little head start for thin month and our bills. I have 3 of our five paid for!!! (plus some extra to put towards groceries!)

This also makes it so I can just take all day thursday off for my sisters field trip, which I was really wanting to do.

I don't know why God was smiling down on me so hard yesterday, but I'm glad he was.

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Niki said...

That is fantastic. I am glad your day wasn't a total waste.