Friday, April 1, 2011

I survived March.

Hello April!

Somehow we managed to make it through March, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how we managed! We had some help from my mom, she sent us and extra $110 to put towards rent, and that was so helpful.
I try not to let her know we are struggling because if she does then I know she will go out of her way to help. She isn't exactly rolling in the dough, so I feel bad taking away from her expenses.

In April I hope to get a second job, my hours are being cut in May and we are barley getting by as it is! Auston will also be starting school up again in the summer semester so that means school fees for books and such! A second job is very much needed.
I have also been trying to find ways to earn extra cash on the side, so far that has been going no where fast. I joined Swagbucks but I'm having a really hard time getting the hang of it and earning points, its a little discouraging...

I will try and stay optimistic!

Goals for April:

  • Get all bills paid on time
  • Sell atleast one item
  • Save $50.00 ( I know its not a lot, but as we are just barley getting by, thats all that is reasonable!)
  • Find a second job
  • No dining out until all the bills are paid
  • Find more free things to do in our area

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