Monday, April 18, 2011

Goodbye hostility.

So most of you know I was offered a new job!! GOO MEE!!!
I was really hoping I could start this new job while keeping my old one, but its not looking like that is going to happen.
I was really REALLY hoping that if I did have to leave it would atleast be on a good note... that probably won't happen either.

It seems that most everyone in the bar has taken to ganging up on me, its like people's true colors don't show through till the very end. I'm pretty hurt by this, I have put a lot into that bar, not only a lot of hours, and a lot of months, but a lot of myself. I have thought about nothing but trying to get that bar back on its feet since I started... I love that place, I'm sad to leave because I feel like it has become apart of me.
I really thing a lot of it has to do with jealousy. They are all still stuck there, in a dying bar, making no money. I just don't understand, because if they wanted too, they could all go out and get a new job. Its just that none of them seem to be trying. I am glad to be leaving that hostile environment, glad that I won't be publicly ridiculed by my "boss". And really glad that I will get a paycheck on time every week.

But with bad always comes good. I'm looking up to the future,to starting at a new bar. This place is thriving and I am excited to start working, earning and saving!!

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