Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hand Crushing Peppers.

So I have been shadowing at my new job for two days now.
It been pretty good thus far.
And thats pretty much all I can say.
Because I work with disabled clients, talking about my day at work is pretty much a Huge No-No.

I am so excited for my paycheck though!

Mom and I have been getting the yard ready to garden, and I am so excited. I have already started a bunch of seeds inside.
My main goal is to grow enough herbs to maybe sell a few on the side. (one can hope)
Yesterday I crushed up some dried hot peppers. We had tons leftover from last year. I filled an alfredo jar full!
I have a mortar and pistol I hardly ever get to use so I was excited. It would be safe to say that was a fairly large mistake. The pepper dust filled the air and I was tearing up and coughing, and I thought I might die. It was fun though. And now we have home grown crushed hot peppers.
So excited.

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

Love homegrown food! We look forward to having a garden again soon.