Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little of this and that.

I swear to you you'd think I was applying for the CIA.
All the paperwork that goes with the job I'm hoping for. And the real kicker is, I havent even technically been accepted yet!
Its a bunch of faxing things, and e-mails, and basically making sure I'm not a creep.
I am so excited to start work but in the mean time my money pot is dwindling FAST. Its got me a bit on edge.

On the upside though, I managed to put $200 into savings this month! Woo-hoo. Now the challenge : to keep it there!
I also was still able to add money to my car Fund, which brings it up to $90. :)

On the downside, I was let go from my last job sooner than I had hoped so I wasn't able to give my charity money last month. I know it sounds bad, but we really needed it to get by. Hopefully this month we will be able to do something.

Sorry this is so spuratic.

I was really hoping to go for a run today, I was so excited. But alas, life got in the way and I had to fill out some paperwork and go fax it, and then I had to make dinner, and now it is cold, and dark and I have resided to blogging instead.

I need to start getting more organized with my posts again.

I swear I am all over the place!

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